Tips For Relocating Your Business Premises: What You Need To Do? November 9, 2017

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Are you planning on relocating your business premises? When you are relocating the business premises there are some complications that you may need to look in to beforehand. It is very important to scan the reasons for the relocation and then find the most suitable location for the move.

Read below to find out some tips.

Reasons for the move

You need to first identify the reasons for the move. You need to list down the complexities faced in the current location which make up the reasons for the move. You should always look for valid reasons to move out. These should then be submitted to the top level management to approve on the relocation. Always make sure that the reasons for the move are non-fixable ones like insufficient space. And not something trivial like improper ventilation. Which can easily be fixed!

The cost/ benefit analysis

Next, you need to create a cost/benefit analysis to find out what the costs involved with the relocation are. And in comparison, the benefit of the move as well must be measured. This should be measured in monetary terms to be able to understand and evaluate the matter better. For instance, if you plan on relocating to a service office then you have the cost benefit of being able to share facilities like the Information Technology department with the other offices that are present. This will greatly reduce the costs incurred by your business because they will not have to invest in expensive technology but still have the advantage of being able to use high tech modern technology! Although you may find some such offices quite expensive.

 The destination

You should also be very vigilant of the destination that you plan on relocating to. You need to ensure that the destination is one that is secure and is also easily accessible to all your stake holders. Always make sure when you relocate that the area is known for its decency and security. Always take all the necessary security measures such as CCTV camera installation, security officers and etc. you can also opt for one of the best coworking space KL in a destination of your choice. And facilities like security would then be shared among all the organizations in the building!


In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind two things: one, you should only relocate if there is an absolute need for it! And two, you should always carry out a cost benefit analysis to find out if your organization is better off with or without the relocation!

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