How To Pack For A Business Trip February 28, 2017

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You might be going on a business trip for many reasons. To visit suppliers and clients, market and or promote a new product, for the purpose of professional development or even a meeting at another company location that might even be out of your mother country. Whatever reason for the trip might be, you have got to make sure you have everything you need by your side, especially if don’t want to embarrass yourself by having to borrow a toothbrush or an extra pair of socks since you forgot to put them on before your journey started! Here are a few essential items that need to be included when you pack for your ever so important meeting;

Essential documents and money
You certainly don’t want to make yourself look like a complete nut in front of Billion Dollar Company owning COEs, potential investors and clients. Hence making sure you’ve got all the necessary documents that have been proof read, by your side and even copies of it and other equally important paper work that too holds some sort of significance in them, is important. Having a travel organizer for such a situation would be ideal. If this is a trip that requires you to travel abroad, then make sure you have your passport, flight ticket, maps, money that has been exchanged to the currency of the visiting country, your business card and other necessities, by your side.

As this business trip obviously holds a lot of significance in it, you certainly want to make sure that you are not either underdressed or overdressed for whatever occasion that might take place in these couple of days. Make sure you have your professional attire to be worn for an event that requires one, you’re smart casual attire for a simple lunch get together, comfortable clothes to wear when you take some time off the busy schedule for yourself and other accessories like ties and tie pins, cufflinks, belts, jewelry, watches etc. The opinions and impressions these people have on you, is very important, because after all you are representing your company. So make sure you manage to create the right impression!

You certainly want to make sure you have got all your gadgets and electronics by your side, from your mobile phone charger to the laptop you’ve saved your presentation in, along with its charger. You cannot afford to take risks and make mistakes, so making sure you have also got spare batteries and chargers, flashlights and other necessaries, too is important. If you have also prepared to gift certain electronic Singapore corporate gifts to your clients, then ensuring you have them all packed and placed in a safe corner of your luggage is vital! Have a camera too by your side to capture memories and truly wonderful moments!

Health and hygiene
Don’t forget to include your necessary medicines that need to be taken, your toothbrush, comb, hair dryer and other necessities. Avoid the food that might make you want to hurl or those that you are allergic to. You have got to make sure you stay healthy and fit throughout the trip.

Other essentials
If you have certain corporate gifts with the company logo on it that need to be gifted, don’t forget to pack them too along with an extra pair for everything else. But you have also got to make sure you stay within the luggage limits as well.

Have confidence in yourself. Don’t make last minute rushes and mistakes get to you. Make do with what you’ve got and do your best!

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