Career Fair organizing Tips February 2, 2017

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In every university; may it be a state university or private based towards the end of every year, a career fair or recruitment conference will be organized by the senior students or the career guidance unit in the benefit of the pass out finalists. Even if this whole event will be organized by the career guidance unit, in certain instances seniors will do the majority of the work and in this case some may have experience in holding such events and some may not. Since this is organized in the benefit of many students with the investment of a lot of time and effort, it’s important to make sure a right plan is executed accordingly to gain the maximum out of it.

All we see is a poster or a pull up banner in Singapore kept in the university entrance, office bases and cafeteria but the effort behind all of that is huge. You can be a part of an internal university unit or you could be a senior student attempting to get some support in how to organize a good career fair, either way the following tips can come quite handy to you to put out the most successful event of all times.

1) Know your audience

First of all know to which field of study your job fair is focusing at. If you are planning to bring in institutes more from the healthcare sector, then definitely you will have to focus on the medical or science faculty of the university and if you are bringing in more from the art and literary industry, then your target group of people would lie within the arts faculty. Knowing the recruiters category and aligning their expectations within the university is the first thing to be looked at.

2) Educate your audience

The next thing is to make your audience aware of what is expected out of them. Sometimes for example, the skills and experience expected from a consultant in an IT company could differ to what is expected from a Fast Moving Consumer Goods company, therefore if the recruiters have any special requirements, the audience must be made aware of it.

3) Inform your audience

Finally it’s very important inform about the event and how they could apply and be a part of this project using a simple roll up standee in an entrance, or noticeboards, posters and through Facebook or LinkedIn pages. If you are interested exhibition booth design you can visit this site.

These are some of the main things to look at when organizing a career fair and there could also be resource aspects to be thought on prior to these proceedings.

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