Benefits Of An Apple Operating System October 19, 2016

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Even though Windows still remains the most used operating systems, Apple is slowly gaining momentum in popularity within the world. It has a longer lifespan, seamless integration of hardware and software, a simple graphical user interphase etc. There are many operating systems in the market right now such as Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS etc. We will be discussing a few advantages of Apple over personal computers in detail below.

Apple has a clean and straightforward graphical user interphase. This provides for a more refined user experience. It is also highly convenient and easy to use. The relationship between Macs and iOS devices has been strengthened that has contributed to the use of apps for iPad and iPhone on your Mac as well. This way, you don’t need to sync or save anything to a cloud drive. You can simply transfer the data directly. This way, all your devices will work together seamlessly without any additional fuss. The Apple operating system is seamlessly integrated with its hardware that results in a more efficient overall operation, longer lifespan and excellent multitasking levels.

Apple provides a limited number of options. This actually helps the buyer narrow their search instead of being bogged down with a multitude of selections. Selection is made easy with the availability of a limited number of models in various specs and customization options. It is also versatile when it comes to types of computers from versatile laptops to ultra-thin sophisticated desktop computers like iMac. Windows operating system is more vulnerable to viruses and malware while Apple computers have high level security. A Mac user can usually get by without installing additional antivirus software.

You usually get the Windows operating system and Microsoft Office Suite separately. Bu tin the case of Apple, you are offered a collection of useful apps along with the operating system. Some of these apps are Photos, Pages, Numbers, Facetime, Keynote, Maps etc. It also comes preloaded with apps targeting creative professions. The Mac App store will allow you access to a variety of additional apps. You will also be directed to various offers and promotions such as beats promotion in Singapore.

Apple is built to high standards when it comes to components and styling. Its attention to detail is exceptional. All the components included are optimized for maximum performance and they use less power. Currently, Mac has incorporated a retina screen that features anti-reflective coatings and absence of an air gap. This has revolutionized the viewing screen. There are also good customer support and service options that include online tools, telephone support and support available at Apple stores.

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